We are a group of Latin American companies specialized in communication and focused on integrated solutions from a strategic standpoint.

Why to sumarize different companies services in one group?

The work of a team coordinated and ensures the best result. Business strategy, communication and technology implementation in a single project.

Much More efective workflow

The Companies that integrate SINERGIZA, share its procedures and workflow. That's why, we are experts in solving complex challenges. The solution just flow to the product required by the customer.

Power companies in the group

Every company of the group has commited to offer the last innovations in its area of expertise, in a proactive and flexible way for ensuring the best results

Integrated results

Complex communication schemes are much more economical and effective when the process is done in a coordinated and systemic way.


Together but not piled up, the group companies can join existing teams for specific work by providing custom solutions to an existing project.

Communication makes the difference

The adecuate Communication fot both clients and internal public,
is a differential factor in current times.

Offered services

The companies in the group, are presented as a Business Service Centre, that provides comprehensive and specific services designed and targeted to contribute to the improvement and strengthening of your business model, market presence and increase your sales.

Business Management and Marketing

It is based on 3 components: research, intelligence and innovation, where through this methodology is to identify areas where the company can improve, strategic actions are implemented with a process-based approach, with the aim of creating competitive advantages focused on the client.


Development of corporate identity, brand design and implementation, development of outlets, loyalty systems, communication and diagnostics franchises and implementation of plans of internal and external communication, products identity and packaging.

Software and Digital Agency

We think and we do.
Mobile Apps, Advergaming, responsive websites, plataforms and interactive content for e-learning, online systems B2B oriented, Development and implementation of DigitalMedia Strategy.

Complementary services integrated

Audio-visual content production: Making audiovisual, multimedia and interactive content, videos trade promotion and product presentations, animations.
Continuous Improvement and Process Quality: Quality Management processes ISO 9001, ISO 14001 Environmental Management, specialists ISO 27001, ISO 90003, ISO 22000, FSSC 22000, BRC, IFC, GLOBAL GAP.

Some Success Stories

The best proof of our work are the results of our customers.

About Us



Is an Associative group of companies specializing in business consulting, strategic communication and new media, focusing on integrated solutions from a strategic standpoint.
The companies in the group have a proven track record both in terms of strategic consulting and the implementation of technological solutions to carry them out.
Synergiza has Latinoamerican coverage with commercial offices in Argentina and Ecuador, Mexico, and Spain.

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Our people

Creating quality bonds...

Luis Salomón

ASG Director

ASG Group Management and coordination of more than 35 consultants in it's 5 branches and more than 240 certiicaciones made in different regulations

Albana Bigoglio

Imaginarea Director

Graphic designer specializing in designing communication strategies and corporate identity, trained in private and national universities in the city of Cordoba and Bs. As.

Marcos Mion

Jaque Administrator

Enterprise Manager, with experience in developing new business and entrepreneurship. Director of Strategic Planning Jaque Studio / Germina Films. Executive Producer and General Film Publictario. Executive Producer and General Cinematograph Film, and educational and commercial audiovisual content.

Juan Pablo Ortega

Pentamedia Director

Computer Profile Specialized in internet services and communication-oriented software. Dedicated to the Project management and to generate international business.

Jose Emiliano Garcia

Sinergiza Ecuador Representative

Great experience in management of software projects and Business Intelligence, currently undertaken the commercial management of the group, project monitoring and generation of opportunities in Ecuador.

The Companies

Creating quality bonds...

At ASG Group, we deem our customers as our friends. Hence, we work together with them to deploy in their companies that is an effective modern and fast Management System tailored to their needs with the aim of becoming their strategic management partner

Providing solutions and making the difference since 1996.

Our company was established by a group of professionals with strong experience in the wide field of Consulting and Certification in Quality Management, Environment and Food Safety, within others

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Identity, the whole and the parts...

Our objective is increasing the value of our customers' brands. It is possible thanks to the thorough work of experts who strive to find the essence of those brands and the best way to express it.

We are based on:

PROACTIVITY: We are constantly inventing, contributing with ideas to add value

EXCELLENCE : In managing, performing, proposing and generating solutions that fully meet the set expectations.

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Adding Value..

Our company is an Advertising Cinema Producer that operates in the national and international market, constantly looking for excellent professional performance with a team that works under the tenet of innovation and quality at the service of our customer. Producing TV commercials, commercial presentation videos, institutional videos and entertainment content, adding value and aesthetic sense.

It operates in the advertising market since 1998. It builds up on providing an increasingly efficient service that is tailored to the demands of a highly competitive environment by constantly searching processes that result in an excellent professional performance.

Since 2009, the company expanded its vision to the field of audio-visual content development with two clearly defined business units: Advertizing Cinema Production and Cinema and Television Content and New Media.

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Digital Agency and Production services

We make innovative digital pieces for proper deployment of the internal and external communication strategy, both for companies and institutions.

At PENTAMEDIA we limitlessly respect the two pillars that are our values as a company:

Our CONSTANT RESEARCH AND TRAINING enable us to offer innovations based on experience and results. In this way, we have maintained our relationship with the market's most demanding corporate and institutional industries throughout the years.

Our PERMANENT VOCATION of rendering products and services under the most stringent quality standards has lead us to continuously establishing and improving our work processes to the point of being in our way to QUALITY CERTIFICATION under ISO standard 9000:2008. and ISO-IEC 90003:2004.

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Contact Us

Argentina: Juan Pablo Ortega - +54 3514720644 - Av. Santa Fe 787 - Providencia - Córdoba, Argentina
Ecuador:José Emiliano García - P: (123) 456-7890- Agustín Vasquez 1-72 y Mariscal Lamar - Cuenca, Ecuador
Mexico: María Carmen Salcedo TE: +52 1 55 5909 3390 Calle Esperanza exterior 957 oficina 201 col. Narvarte c.p 03020 Delegación Benito Juarez
Spain: Camilo Nieto +34 931173928 - Ronda General Mitre 19 3ra planta Barcelona cp 08017 España